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Affiliate marketing is constantly gaining popularity as more companies seek to increase profit margins. Therefore, affiliate programs have become necessary for enterprises wishing to increase sales and content writers who wish to monetize their sites.

Daofile is a popular digital company that offers cloud services and affiliate programs for its users. It has a simple model that aims at sharing revenue with loyal customers in a way that you both win. So, as you enjoy reliable data storage on the platform, you can also earn as a partner.

Let us walk together as we discover more about Daofile’s affiliate, what it entails, and how you can earn as a partner.

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Daofile Affiliate: Getting Started

To get on board the program, you should first create a user account and sign up as a member. The registration process is fairly easy, and you won’t pay a dime. The page only requires you to enter login information, including your email, name, and password.

Once you have a user account, head over to the “Make Money” section, where you can contact customer support to activate an affiliate account.

Daofile Affiliate: Revenue Sharing

A good understanding of the revenue model will help you make a good choice when joining the program. Daofile may have different revenue sharing options but Pay Per Sale (PPS) is the most common. Under this model, you’ll earn a commission for every sale you make on your site through client referrals.

Benefits of Daofile Affiliate

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An affiliate account at Daofile has some of the most lucrative perks in the digital niche.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Attractive Earnings

Daofile offers attractive tariffs for all her affiliate partners. Their payout rates are very competitive compared to others in the sector.

If you make new sales or renewal premium services from your referrals, you earn a 60% commission on the sales. Similarly, if you make sales directly from your site, you’ll earn a 15% commission and an extra 5% commission for being an active webmaster.

Daily Payouts

The platform doesn’t hold your earnings unnecessarily as you wait for a specific payday. Essentially, you can receive your earnings within 24 hours of making referral sales.

Detailed Payment Statistics

The company strives to give detailed payout stats to all affiliates to promote transparency. Thus, you won’t worry about someone swindling your hard-earned cash.

Daofile Premium Services

Daofile guarantees unlimited access to premium cloud services for all affiliate partners. So, whether you created a free account, you can enjoy faster downloads and extra storage space like premium users.

No Minimum Threshold

Daofile’s affiliate program has no payout limits that keep your earnings till you hit a threshold. Whether you make $10, $20, or more, you can be sure to get your funds without inconvenience.

Prompt Support

Daofile understands that hitches such as transaction delays or system snarl-ups may sometimes occur. As a result, they have a friendly support team to answer your queries and provide the best solution.

Daofile Affiliate: Final Thoughts

An affiliate is a perfect opportunity to monetize and earn extra income from your website. And that’s where Daofile comes to help you.

While onboard the program, you’ll get competitive earnings, daily payouts, clear stats, and access to Daofile premium. Moreover, you’ll have a reliable support system that’s always on standby to listen to you.

Consider becoming a Daofile affiliate today and start earning from your referrals!

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